How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories

Instagram is an image-based platform that has greatly affected our lifestyle and how we perceive everything around us. From offering us relationship goals, vacation destination ideas, and viral reels, Instagram is one of the most addictive social networking sites. The popularity of the platform, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z, resulted in its acquisition by … Read more

How to Search Messages on Instagram

Have you ever noticed that you always feel more comfortable with people you’ve known for years than with people you’ve known recently? What you may not have guessed is that your comfort here stems from the transparency that people have achieved over the years, having countless honest and intimate conversations about anything under the sun. … Read more

How to Remove Category Label on Instagram

With the growing crowd on Instagram in recent years, the platform has become a magnet for all businesses, brands, influencers, and creators to attract customers/followers. To foster the growth of these businesses and creators, the Instagram team has been hard at work on professional accounts to help them achieve their business goals on the platform. … Read more

How to See Instagram Password While Logged In

About a decade ago, people used to remember the phone numbers of all their relatives and the passwords to all their bank accounts. However, as technology advanced and people had the option of storing these numbers, they stopped memorizing them. This is exactly what happened with passwords too. see your instagram password With new social … Read more